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Saturday, August 23, 2008

First Time Home Buyer Thank You

"Thank you, Thank you! Thanks for taking the time to go over everything with us and helping us better our credit and to achieve our goal of owning a home for our family. Thanks again!" Kira and Dan S.

I helped First Time Home Buyer's Dan and Kira with my FREE "Planning for Success Program"!

During our first consulation meeting I reviewed their Credit Report in great detail (it really is ALL ABOUT credit scores right now!) and gave them a personalized Analysis of what they needed to do to improve their scores and minimize the interest rate that will pay on their mortgage loan!

All First Time Home Buyer's I meet with get a FREE 3 Bureau Credit Report and I teach them how to read the report and then we talk about down payment and closing cost basics.

As our meeting continues, it becomes the "Getting Ready to Buy Program" which includes:
  1. "Shopping for a Home" and why a Pre-Approval is better than a Pre-Qualification!
  2. "The Home Loan Process": Here I give them the EXCELLENT 490 page book, "101 Questions Every First Time Home Buyer Should Ask", authored by Ilyce R Glink
  3. "Planning for a Successful Closing" outlines the 19 steps of the homebuying process!
  4. "Realtor Endorsement" and the value they bring to the success of the transaction!