Thursday, February 4, 2010

What do I do to my Home before I list it for sale?

Five Things You Must Do
Before You List Your Home

While sales are showing signs of picking
up around the country, it is still crucial that
you do everything you can to make your
home as attractive as possible to potential
buyers before you list it for sale.

1. Clean everything. A clean home gives
buyers the impression that your property
has been well cared for. (Call me if you need
help in this area, I have several professionals
who I can refer you to!)

2. Repair everything. If you have neglected
small things such as burned out light
bulbs, broken closet doors or chirping fire
alarm batteries, buyers will wonder what
bigger items you may have neglected (such
as furnace repair, roof replacement or
foundation work). (For professional Electrican,
Handyman, or Plumber, call me for phone
numbers for those I trust and would refer to you!)

3. Make your home a clutter-free zone.
Removing all clutter is vital. It can make
your home appear larger and give buyers a
sense of space and order. (Rent a storage unit
for $50 per month and get $5,000 more sales
price on your home!)

4. Fantastic curb appeal is another must have.
You want buyers to be bowled over
the moment they pull up to the house. In
this competitive market, it is not enough
to assume buyers will fall in love with
the inside; the outside of your home must
impress them as well. (Interior Design
Specialist can help Stage your homes interior,
and a Landscape architect can help with the
exterior curb appeal-Call me for names and
phone numbers for professionals I would

5. Hire a professional stager to ensure your
home has its best foot forward. A stager
can show you strategic ways to set up
your home including furniture placement,
color and balance that will elicit certain
emotions in your buyers and help them see
just how great your house is.

Consult your Realtor for more insight into
what you can do to ensure a quick sale at
the best possible price.

Thought for the day:

Rule No.1: Never lose money.
Rule No.2: Never forget rule No.1.
~Warren Buffett

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