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Monday, June 7, 2010

8 Quick Fixes to Increase the Value of Your Home

Sometimes when you have a home for sale, it may seem like eternity before that one offer comes in. I want to share a few quick tips gathered from Realtor Magazine to help you increase value in your home.

 Buff up curb appeal—You’ve heard it before, but it’s critical to get buyers to want to look on the inside.

 Enrich with color—Paint is cheap and soft colors will welcome buyers as they walk through.

 Upgrade the kitchen and bathroom—These may be the 2 most important rooms in the house and even updating just one appliance can be enough sometimes.

 Add old-world patina—Maybe a little crown molding can do the trick.

 Screen hardwood floors—Without a full stripping and refinish you can lightly sand and add a new coat of finish to do the trick.

 Clean out, organize closets—Time to DECLUTTER!!!

 Update window treatments—Open up and let a little light in on the subject.

 Hire a home inspector—Since a buyer will have your home inspected, it may be good to do it first and get a jump on any problems that may arise

As a member of the Utah Pros Business Network International Chapter, I have experts I can refer to help with any of your home fix ups and improvements.  Give me a call and I can discuss your needs and refer you to the professionals I endorse and recommend.