Tuesday, June 29, 2010

What makes it a good day to Lock or Float your Mortgage interest rate?

Here is a sampling of news I watch during the day so that I can advise my clients on when it is a good time to lock or float their interest rate.  With the information I gather, I am able to provide information to my clients so they can make an educated decision about when they would like to lock their rate.  

It is interesting to note how the Government is agreeing on the US economy strengthening (10:58 a.m.) right in the midst of a weak consumer confidence report (10:01) and the stock market worried about a double dip recession (3:09 at which time stocks are off 268 at close). 
3:09 PM ET - Equity investors fret over a chance of a double dip recession.

10:58 AM ET - President Obama and Fed Chairman Bernanke are in the Whitehouse this morning agreeing that the US economy is strengthening.

10:01 AM ET - Consumer Confidence plunges in June to 52.9 vs the 62.0 expected.

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