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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Marty, thanks for the excellent experience! Closing November 3, 2010

We were introduced to Marty about three years ago when we bought our current home. 
The experience was wonderful and we have referred colleagues and family to Marty since then. 

Marty takes the time and care to review several scenarios to determine what would work best for a mortgage or a refinance. A year or so ago, I reached out to Marty to see if it made sense to refinance at that point. He ran numbers for me and said that a refinance did not make sense unless we planned to stay in our house long term. 
I am pleased with his integrity - he could have easily processed a refinance for us and earned money on the refinance. 

Marty spends time to build long term relationships with clients. We had heard nightmares from others that it was nearly impossible to get a mortgage or a refinance in the current market. 
We had an excellent experience and are so thankful to Marty and his team for making it so easy to refinance.

Niels and Tara Hansen