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Monday, October 26, 2015

Rate lock recommendation and increases in home value benefits

Investors should not be too quick to write off an interest rate hike by the Federal Reserve in December, despite market expectations increasingly looking to early next year as more likely, the former executive vice president at the New York Fed said today.

Rates continue to hover at a 28 week low and best execution for 30 year fixed rates at 3.75%-3.875% for borrowers with top tier scenarios.  I am recommending locking at these current rates for purchase and refinance as the market weighs in on China and other world economies to predict the direction the Federal Reserve will take in timing of the anticipated rate hike.

Home values continue their steady upward climb and my experience with multiple offers on correctly priced homes in the purchase market continues.  The highest success of offer acceptance in a competitive home sale market which we currently have is for clients who have a FULL credit approval letter, backed by a 3 bureau merged credit report, an Automated Underwriting System approval and supported with my underwriting teams review of income and asset documentation.

Mortgage rates and home values are also helping borrowers drop Private Mortgage Insurance on their conventional loans with a refinance to a new loan at lower 15 year rates and FHA borrowers convert their FHA loans to a new conventional loan with lower rate and no monthly mortgage insurance.

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