Thursday, April 29, 2010

Marty delivers timely and professional service-Closing April 29. 2010

Congratulations Brady Kotter! First Time Home Buyer Credit is soon to be in your pocket and you nabbed one of the best interest rates in Mortgage History! Celebration! Closing April 29, 2010

Jerry Priest at Executive Realty Service (can be reached at 801-710-4151), Bree, Brady and Marty Qualls at Mountain View Title with Angie Chandler, Escrow Officer and Photographer! Great job closing Angie :)

Marty, Thank you for your great efforts in putting this loan together for Brady and doing it in a timely and professional manner. I appreciate the opportunity to work with you again.
Sincerely, Jerry Priest, Executive Realty Services, 801-710-4151

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