Monday, November 5, 2012

Don't hire an inferior Real Estate Agent

No one wants to hire an inferior Real Estate Agent, but how do you spot one?

Here's 5 Tips from money guru Dave Ramsey that will let you know you are working with the wrong agent, or if you haven't hired one yet, how to find a great agent to work with.

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How to Spot an Inferior Real Estate Agent:

Your real estate agent is a marketing consultant with just one goal: getting your home sold. And since you'll pay thousands of dollars whether the agent does a poor job or an outstanding job, it just makes sense to hire the best agent you can find.

Most home buyer's hire the first agent they interview. That's a great way to hire a terrible agent. Here are five signs you're working with an inferior agent:
Interview an agent who is recommended by someone you trust!
  • They sell the "average" number of properties. The top 10–15% of agents handle nearly all real estate transactions. If you're not working with one of those top agents, you're going to be disappointed. And don't be fooled by how many millions of dollars worth of homes they sold last year. In an average market, $1 million of real estate represents just eight homes.

  • They're a part-time or discount agent. You want a high-octane, high-energy agent who knows what needs to be done and is willing to do the work to get your home sold. Part-time and discount agents won't have the time or marketing dollars to devote to selling your home.

  • They don't have a knack for selling. If your agent can't sell you on what a great agent they are, they won't be any good at selling your home either. Selling is an art—and you're looking for a natural.

  • They're too nice to tell you the truth. Ask potential agents to give you suggestions on what to change in your home to help it sell. You want an agent to give a tough critique of your home without worrying that their honesty might lose you as a client.

  • They haven't gotten the job done. The latest numbers show that half of all homes sell in 70 days or less. Click here for my previous blog post Homes sales stronger for more information on where our Real Estate market is and is going.  If your home has been on the market more than three months with few showings and no offers, it's time for a serious talk with your agent. The longer your home stays on the market, the tougher it will be to sell for the price you want.