Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Marty, you were really great at explaining things! Testimonial at closing: November 5, 2012

"Thanks for the great job you did of explaining things to us!"
Marty, we appreciated that you were always available, even when it was late in the night you took our phone calls! When I needed help and you were there to answer my questions whenever I needed you! 

As first time home buyer's you answered our many questions and you were really good at explaining things to us on a level that we could understand because this was our first time doing this. You never talked over our heads and you helped us to be comfortable with the whole mortgage process, even as stressful as some of it becomes.  :)

Our waiting time for our offer acceptance was a LONG time (because it was a short sale offer) and you kept in really good contact with us during the past 5 months.  We felt we couldn't have had a better team to help us with you and Jon DeYoung!

We will refer you to our friends and family when ever we can, you can be sure of that!  Thank you!!!!

Adam and Amber Garrison, November 5, 2012