Friday, January 25, 2013

Selling your home? Why is tile and hardwood all the rage?

1. Think like a buyer, to understand why carpet is falling out of fashion. Today's buyers are seeking low-maintenance, high-performance home finishes that allow maximum versatility and healthfulness for their families. And wall-to-wall carpet triggers many of those concerns:
  • Maintenance: By and large, buyers see carpet as something that requires regular, professional cleaning -- or labor-intensive self-cleaning -- at a couple hundred bucks a pop.
  • Performance: There are certainly high-end carpets that wear well over time, but many of the carpets that are installed by sellers just prior to putting a home on the market do not qualify. These light-colored, inexpensive carpets often look old and worn relatively early in their lives, and buyers know this.
  • Versatility: A buyer of a home with carpeting everywhere is somewhat limited in their decor and design choices by the preferences of the seller before them. By contrast, hard flooring finishes allow the buyer a near-infinite range of decor palette choices.
  • Healthfulness: Buyers see traditional carpeting as something that off-gases toxic fumes and traps dirt and allergens that may exacerbate family members' allergies or other respiratory issues. Many see hardwood and other hard flooring finishes as more healthful and sustainable for their families -- and for the planet. To boot, buyers who have pets and children know that these little wild family members can be very hard on carpet.

What is with all the hating on carpeting? | Inman News

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