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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Rate Watch 7/31/08: Locking

As you know, bad economic news is typically better for Bond prices and today is no exception to this rule. Bonds are trading higher (bond prices are higher and yield is lower-mortgage rates track the bond yield) in response to a lower than expected Gross Domestic Product Report. In other news, initial jobless claims skyrocketed to 448,000, which is unusually high, but is somewhat skewed because of the way the government reports the number. A better than expected Jobs Report tomorrow could cause Bonds and home loan rates to worsen, so I am recommending locking ahead of this report. As always, I will be monitoring the markets closely and watching this situation and will keep you informed of any changes.

Durke Bessinger

Durke Bessinger, Chad Buttars-Executive Realtors, 7/23/08

Chett and Shannon Boxley

Chett and Shannon Boxley, Park City, closing 7/03/08

"Marty was excellent to work with for getting a mortgage that was right for me! I highly recommend him for anyone in the market for a mortgage! Thanks Marty!" Chett and Shannon Boxley

Su and Dave Robinette

Susan and Dave Robinette, Closing July 9, 2008

"I just wanted to thank you again for all your help on this loan. You are so well informed. I had no idea anything could move so professionally. You kept me in my comfort zone and timely updates. Your humor always left a smile on my face. Everyone I know will hear of you. They deserve a Loan Officer like you. Everyone does...Much success! I know you will have it because of your rare ability to be totally Professional while being a real and good person at the same time." Susan (Su) Robinette, July 15, 2008

Terry Nelson

Terry Nelson, closing 7/03/08

Rate Watch 7/30/08: Carefully Floating

Mortgage Bonds have dipped lower this morning after the ADP employment report indicated we had job growth rather than the estimate of 60,000 lost! With increased employement, possible worries about inflation and bonds HATE inflation. Because sentiment can change so quickly regarding stocks, I recommend floating to see if Bonds can regain some of their earlier losses. Have a great day and call me if you need more detailed information than I have supplied here.

Stephen and Tanya Ormond

Marty, Stephen and Tanya Ormond, and Elly Robinson-Realtor, ERA Webber Layton, closing July 28,2008 with Jennifer at Founders Title in Layton

Nicole Aeschlimann

Professional Mortgage Services with Marty Qualls since 1991! Closing with Lisa West, C-21 Golden Spike, Nicole Aeschlimann, and Marty Qualls on 7/09/08. Loan closing with Rachel Miller at Inwest Title, South Ogden.