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Monday, October 5, 2009

Paul and Maria Wagner Loan Closing February 13, 2009

Fantastic timing for best rates in history, Paul and Maria! Took their 30 year mortgage to a 15 year term and lower rate! Thanks again for the opportunity to help you with your mortgage loan!

Maria and I want to thank you for the hard work you put in, and the amount of time you put in to get us the best loan possible, you were there in the beginning when we first bought our home and you have been there ever since .

You are truly the best and its shows in all that you do, once again thanks, by the way your gift is appropriately displayed where all can see, THANKS Marty...
Paul and Maria Wagner

Brad and Amy Forsberg Loan Closing January 26, 2009

The Forsberg family ready for loan closing for the purchase of their new home! Jon and Michelle Hiatt were their buyer's Agents and did a fantastic job of selling their home and finding them a new one!

Hi Marty,

Just wanted to say thank you again for everything.

We had a great experience working with you and will share your name with anyone we know buying a home.

Thanks, Amy and Brad Forsberg

Ed and Julie Soriano Loan closing January 30, 2009

Marty with Julie and RJ Soriano at their refinance closing where they got one of the best rates in 50 years! Congratulations on the perfect timing!

Gary and Elly Robinson Loan Closing January 23, 2009

Gary, Elly and Marty at their refinance closing at Inwest Title-Rachel Miller Escrow Officer and photographer.

Thanks Marty,
Appreciate all your help and hard work you did on the refinancing of our mortgage.
It saves us a couple of hundred a month in our payment, awesome!

Elly Robinson

In January 2009, my wife Elly and I had the privilege to work with Marty Qualls, Sr. Loan Officer. In my experience with Marty, he is always prompt and followed through with whatever he said that he was going to do. His nature is pleasant and inviting. In looking for the best rate when we refinanced, he helped us secure an awesome rate.
As it was our first time refinancing a house, it was unfamiliar territory. Marty made the experience very easy. He made sure that we understood all the information and took the time to explain to us the processes as we went along. He also took the additional time to answer clearly every question that we had. Marty Qualls is a man of sincerity and integrity. I would highly recommend Marty Qualls to work as your Mortgage Lender.

Thanks Marty,

Gary Robinson
Associate Broker
ERA Webber Real Estate

Sunday, October 4, 2009

100% Mortgage Financing Announced at Ogden Bridal Fair!

"100% Mortgage Loan Financing is again available in Utah!"

That was the message I delivered at the Ogden Bridal Fair at the Ogden Marriott Hotel on September 25th and 26th, 2009.

Call me for the "Planning for Success" First Time Home Buyer meeting and receive one of 3 excellent books, a free credit report, credit report analysis, a free credit approval letter and guidance in the "19 Steps to Home Ownership"

First Time Home Buyer Programs Highlighted at Fall Bridal Fair!

Marty Qualls in front of the Primary Residential Mortgage Booth at the Fall Bridal Fair at the Marriott Hotel in Ogden.

Brides were pleased to find that opportunities for 100% home loan mortgage financing are again recently available in Utah!

During the show, Brides registered for a Spa Treatment Giveaway and received information about Grants, Tax Credits, 100% mortgage loan programs, Loan Program Highlights and Homes available for purchase in Weber and Davis County.

With Mortgage Rates currently at a 4 month low, the first time home buyer tax credit scheduled to expire November 30th, and home inventory at historically low sales prices, timing for a home purchase couldn't be better!

Excitement was in the air at the show!!!!

Marty offered his Planning for Success Program to those First Time Home Buyer who would like to learn more about purchasing their first home.

During the face to face Planning for Success Program meeting, one of 3 great books is given to the first time home buyer and Marty goes over the buyer's credit, issues a credit approval letter and gives them the 19 steps to home ownership.

Marty and Cindy Keil, RE/MAX Community in Ogden, shared duties at the booth to educate potential first time home buyer's on Friday, September 25th at the Ogden Marriott Hotel.

100% loan mortgage financing in Utah!

100% loan mortgage financing is again available in Utah!

With the recently announced "Equity Now" program with the State of Utah, buyer's meeting the income and credit standards of the Utah Housing Program can now receive 100% of the funds they need in order to purchase a home!

With the Equity Now Program, first time home buyer's are eligible for the Utah Housing funds to complete the purchase AND qualifies for the $8,000 Federal Tax Credit!

Ask me about my Planning for Success Program for First Time Home Buyer's!

Please call me for additional program highlights and as an approved Utah Housing Lender, I can help you with your Mortgage Loan to get you into your first home before the November 30th expiration of the Federal $8,000 tax credit!

Realtor Thank You from Derrick Sorenson

"Marty and I have had the opportunity to work together on many occasions. As a Sr. Loan Officer it is his responsibility to ensure a successful transaction with my clients.

My clients rely heavily upon his knowledge, experience and people skills, all of which Marty excels in.

I have never had a client be disappointed with Marty’s work.

He is quick to respond and isn’t afraid to address tough issues.

As a result of his upfront, honest and kind nature he has proven himself as an excellent Loan Officer time and time again.

In the three years that we have known each other Marty quickly became one of the few people that I consider referring.

I feel that the work my Loan Officer’s perform is as big of a reflection of who I am and how I conduct my business, as it is to them and their own clients and business.

Marty is capable of handling any Loan that I could ever send him.

He is willing to go the extra mile to make sure things are done correctly.

When you are considering a mortgage loan and loan officer, Marty is the one you should choose.


Derrick Sorensen
Principal Broker / Owner
Sorensen & Company Real Estate, Inc."

Will and Ann Rodgers-Loan Closing January 22, 2009

Ann, cutest boy in the universe, and Will! Congratulations on a great loan and interest rate!

Thanks for all your hard work in helping our family to refinance our home mortgage loan!

I appreciated how easy you made the process for us, especially since we'd just had a new baby.

Thank you!

Will and Ann Rodgers

Delone Keller-January 15, 2009, Reverse Mortgage Closing

Daughter Karen Palmer, Delone Keller and other daughter Cheryl Larsen at Loan Closing!

Congratulations and thanks, Delone, for the opportunity to help you with your Reverse Mortgage needs!

Tim Delamare-January 12, 2009 Closing

I enjoyed my experience working with Marty. He was very prompt in providing all the necessary information that I needed to complete my re-finance.

The process was seamless and he made it a very simple and a completely enjoyable worthwhile experience.

I look forward to working with Marty for any future mortgage needs.

I appreciated his dedication to the process and his determination to make it a great one for me.

Thanks Marty!

Tim Delamare

Jim and Mckel Harrison-December 29, 2008 Closing

Jim and McKel Harrison and their Realtor, Ava Felt! Their First Home! Congratulations!

Marty was very friendly and easy to work with. You could tell that he was concerned about our need and always excited to give us good news.

He kept us current on our loan process every step of the way and answered any question we could possibly come up with.

He was a big help in the stressful steps of purchasing a home.

Thanks Marty for all your help! Our house really is what we wanted.

Jim and McKel Harrison

Jesse and Jody Reid-Closing 3/4/09

Jody and Jesse and their Realtor, Brad Afuvai! Their first home! Congratulations!

Darren and Ann Smith Closing-January 26, 2009

Ann and Boy's. Taylor, Tanner and Tyler-oldest to youngest! Dad, Darren, was off doing what he does best-Selling! :)

The Smith's wrote this message and sent it to me in LinkedIn:

"We have used Marty for mortgage loans and refinances more than once and have been extremely satisfied with our results each time.

We can always trust that if he says it will be done, it is done.

We will continue to use Marty for all our mortgage needs."

Service Category: mortgage loan officer
Year first hired: 2007 (hired more than once)
Top Qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert