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Friday, January 9, 2009

Utah Mortgage Reverse Mortgage Specialist

Meeting the needs of those over 62 years old, who need a lump sum equity draw or need a monthly income draw against equity in a home that they own and live in, is a loan that I can help with!

The FHA Reverse Mortgage or HECM is a loan with over 200 pages of disclosures required by the Government, and I make the explanation of the loan and answers to questions painless, simple and understandable!

I look forward to helping with all Reverse Utah Mortgage needs that you or someone you know needs help with!

Utah Mortgage Program Update

Buyer's, Seller's and Realtors: Unfortunately, investors are pulling away from FHA Manufactured Housing Financing and as of today, I have 1 investor who will take a loan on Manufactured Housing on a permanent foundation! And this investor has already notified us that they are withdrawing this offering shortly.

Realtors, my Utah Mortgage Blog Post today is to alert you of this and if you have any manufactured housing purchases that need a loan-HURRY- and call me so that we can get an FHA case number and get this taken care of for them! If you have manufactured housing listings, it might be a great time to talk to your client about a price reduction so that the home will sell quickly!

Hope this helps, sorry for the news, but we are living in interesting times, aren't we?! :)


Utah Mortgage Loan

Please call me for a customized rate quote for Utah Mortgage Rates. As a Utah Mortgage Broker, I look forward to helping you with your Utah Mortgage needs!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Welcome to my Utah Mortgage Blog!

Thanks to the recent U.S. Treasury pledge to purchase $500 Billion in Mortgage Backed Securities beginning the first week in January and to continue until the end of 2009, Utah Mortgage Rates will be at a level not seen during our lifetimes!

During the past 30 days and continuing for the next 60 and beyond, we will see Utah Mortgage Rates at unprecidented levels. We will see volatility, and huge volatility at times, but Utah Mortgage loans will be available to consolidate debt, combine first and 2nd mortgages into one loan, purchase dream homes, or to help first time home buyers get a start!

First Time Homebuyer's are still enjoying the $7500 tax credit for homes purchased before June 30, 2009, Utah Housing is providing 100% financing to qualified buyer's and city and county grant and loans are also avaialble to those who qualify.

I look forward to helping you with your Utah Mortgage Loan needs!