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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Justin and Lana Brady

Justin, Adyson, and Lana Brady, Marty Qualls, Closing at Inwest Title with Rachel Miller, August 29, 2008.

"Marty provided excellent communication, feedback, and the whole process was awesome working with Marty! We will refer him whenever we can! We never wondered for a day where were in the process and we liked his Rate Watch Program because it helped us have good information so we knew when to lock our loan rate." Justin and Lana Brady, Closing 8/29/08

Friday, August 29, 2008

Rate Watch 8/29/08: Locking

After 4 days of favorable bonds, there is a negative crossover emerging in the bond charts, indicating an overbought status. The Bond Market took in data from reports relased today that the Economy is stronger and inflation highest since 1991 (in the key Personal Consumption Expenditures Index (PCEI) report that includes energy costs). This PCEI was at 2.4% and the Fed likes to see it at 1-2%. With the headwinds of a stronger economy, 4 days of improving rates and a higher than expected inflation report, it is prudent to recommend locking. The market closes early today and will open again the day after Labor Day on Tuesday.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Ken and Betty Corbin

Ken and Betty Corbin, Chandler, Arizona, Closing August 20, 2008

Monthien Charangkit

Brent Larsen-Zip Realty, Monthien Charangkit, Marty Qualls-August 28, 2008-Closing at First America Title.

"Marty was Friendly, he kept in touch with me, he was a nice guy!" Monthien Charangkit, Borrower, loan closing 8/28/08

Rate Watch 8/28/08: Carefully Floating

Bonds have tested an important ceiling (100 day moving average) and are already off of their best pricing for the day. Two important factors are going to continue to test Bonds today. First, 2nd Quarter Gross Domestic Product numbers were released and they exceeded expectations and this is putting selling pressure on bonds because of the strenghtening of the stock market. Second, there is a $22 Billion dollar 5 year Treasury Note Auction this afternoon that could put additional selling pressure on Bonds. For now, I continue to recommend floating and will watch as the day progresses for changes in direction.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Jeremy and Cathy London

Charlene Tuttle-Brough Realty, Cathy and Jeremy London and Marty Qualls-August 27, 2008-Closing at Bonneville Superior Title, Kaye Cazier, Escrow Officer

Buyer Thank You:

"Marty answered any and all questions that we had. He told us about all of the programs that were out there and assisted with helping us to have requirements completed for the programs that we qualified for. We were able to understand everything that was going on every step of the way.
Marty, you go the extra mile and then some; most will only go as far as they need to for the sale to happen. You were there for us from start to finish when the house became ours. Thanks."
Jeremy and Cathy London, Closing August 27, 2008

John Galli

Ron and Cheryl Galli (signing with Power of Attorney for son John Galli who was out of town and unavailable), Marty Qualls-August 27, 2008. Closing at First American Title, Sue Heiner Escrow Officer.

Rate Watch 8/27/08: Carefully Floating

Durable Goods orders Report for July was released and was much more favorable than expected, along with Atlanta Federal Reserve Presedent Lockhart's comments about inflation pressures easing, has created selling pressure in the Bond Market and improvement in the stock market this morning. There is also concern about the path of Hurricane Gustav, and the possible disruption of oil supply in the Gulf of Mexico. For now I recommend Carefully Floating, but will be watching the markets very closely today and advise you of any change in direction.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Rate Watch 8/26/08: Floating

Consumer Confidence was up with the strenghtening dollar and lower oil prices. Technically, Bonds are trading at 100.66, comfortably between the floor of the 50 day moving average of 100.28 and the ceiling of the 100 day moving average of 101.04. For now, I recommend floating, but stay tuned for any changes in direction.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Rate Watch 8/25/08: Carefully Floating

Bonds are catching an improvement this morning with the uncertainty in stocks caused by weakness in Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and Lehman Brothers (still no suitor for Lehman Brothers). Technically, the Fannie Mae 6.00% Bond is trading at 100.56 which is in between the ceiling of the 100 day moving average at 101.06 and the floor of the 50 day moving day average of 100.25. At 9:00 a.m. MST, existing home sales just came in slightly higher than expectations which is continuing to help Bonds. For now I recommend floating and see if there is continued improvement in Bonds as the day goes on.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Buyer Thank You

"Excellent job explaining the loans process, keeping us informed on the status of our loan, and meeting our closing date. We will recommend Marty to others." Kevin and Denise M., Loan#16066-003-00

Buyer Thank You

"Excellent job on all aspects of the loan process! Excellent Service and keep up the excellent work. Thanks!" Tyrone N, Loan#16404-003-00

Buyer Thank You

"Marty really worked with us on everything." Jose and Michelle A., Loan#14598-003-00

Buyer Thank You

"Marty did an excellent job of explaining the entire loan process to us and did an excellent job in meeting our expected closing date. Marty was great--he always returned our calls promptly!" Cirtney and Juliann J., Loan#17570-003-00

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