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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

I needed someone who would be persistent and patient, and you were both. Closing 12/20/11

We came to you in 1993 for help with our first home purchase and even when I lost my job in the middle of the loan process, you worked with us until we found a way to get the loan closed.  It was amazing and we have always been grateful for what you did for us.  

You have kept in touch with me over the years and when it was time to refinance, you contacted me with options.  Your help is priceless because I needed someone who would be persistent and patient and you were both.  

We will refer you to our friends and family who want mortgage help that will meet their highest expectations.  You always help us perfectly.  Thank you!

Kirt Gaisford
Loan Closing December 20, 2011