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Thursday, February 13, 2014

How does your credit score measure up?

Home buying made easy with Marty Qualls
I had a great meeting with my Estate Planning Attorney, Jacob Smith, this morning and we talked about the different age groups of clients who we work with.  Just like Jacob, I many times work with the Gen Y or Millennial generation, those in the 19-29 age group.

I commented to Jacob that the Millennials like the fact that they can find you online (web page or blog) and that the information you provide there is easy to find, use and navigate.  I also know that they are the "Do It Youself" generation.  DIY describes how they operate within their everyday lives; they like to research things (Google, Wiki research), weigh out their decisions, not rush into things without considering options and alternatives. 

Even though Millennial's are the home buyer's who most want to easily and smoothly get a credit approval letter into place so that they can go make an offer, get it accepted and close on a loan, I found some interesting information from my research which can sometimes hinder the process of easily getting a credit approval letter: Gen Y has the lowest Average Credit Scores of any of the age groups!

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

3 Soothing Insights for Anxious First-Time Sellers

How to sell your home successfully!
By Tara-Nicholle Nelson | Broker in San Francisco, CA

I grew up just a couple of hours from Disneyland. So as a kid, one of my greatest joys (and greatest anxieties) revolved around the Pirates of the Caribbean ride (this was pre-Johnny Depp, folks). I loved that ride - especially the big drop at the end - but I also feared that ride, especially the big drop at the end. 

Fast forward a couple of decades and I found myself standing in line for the ride with my own kids, with bated breath and anxious fear/anticipation. We got on and I continued to hold my breath. Just a few minutes later, we sailed gently back to the starting point.

I walked up to an attendant and asked: “When did they take the dip out?” The guy looked at me quizzically and said that the ride’s course had never been changed. The ride didn’t change. But I had - I had grown taller, and so my perspective had shifted. Nothing about the ride was worth even a moment’s anxiety now that I’d grown taller and impervious to the dips and twists and turns.

Monday, February 10, 2014

10 steps to buying a home

I have a "14 steps to Home ownership" outline which I give to my clients as we meet to complete the signing of their initial application paperwork.  There are 14 steps AFTER your offer to purchase a home gets accepted.

However, I realized that there are "10 steps to buying a home" that would help if you are just BEGINNING the process of purchasing a home.  This list contains important steps in the process  whether you are purchasing your first home, downsizing, or needing a larger home.

If you have further questions or if you would like to get your credit approval letter into place so that you can be a serious negotiator of sales price and asking the seller to pay for your closing costs, call me today and we can get started!

  1. Determine your readiness-Are you in a rental or lease agreement, or are you on a month to month agreement?  Do you have money saved for a down payment (there are 100%, ZERO down programs available, call me for details).  Do you know what you qualify for based on your income and debts (this is something I can help with over the phone, call me). 
  2. Become an optimal mortgage candidate-If your credit is "young" or you are rebuilding your credit, I have a "Credit Monitoring Program" I can refer you to that is an excellent tool for you to use!  
  3. Get a pre-approval letter- My clients receive a FULL Credit Approval letter which is backed by a 3 bureau credit report AND an Automated Underwriting System decision.  This type of Credit Approval is what you need in the Mortgage world that we are currently in.  There can't be any guesswork in the mortgage process, you NEED a credit approval letter to have your loan successfully close!