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Friday, December 14, 2012

Marty, you were spot on with details and you know your job! Loan Closing Testimonial December 13, 2012

"Marty, I have already referred you twice"

Marty, when I was working with you, I always knew that I was being told the truth and that you knew your job.   

 I have already shared my story about the other mortgage company who didn't do such a good job in this area and disgusted me to the point I wasn't going to refinance my home until Lindy Fuller encouraged me to call you.  She sure was right about what a great job you would do for me!  

You were spot on with details of the loan process and very quick with approval and closing.  I can tell that you care for your clients and I sure appreciated the confident and professional way that you helped me with my questions.

I have already referred you twice and will be sure and refer you again whenever I can. Thanks Marty!

Damon Long
Closing December 13, 2012  

We had a really good experience! Closing testimonial December 13, 2012

"We could always get hold of you to ask questions."
Marty, thank you again for your help with getting us qualified and closed so that we could buy our first home!  We had a  really good experience.  

You were always willing to be flexible and work around our crazy work schedules!

We were glad that Jon DeYoung recommended you because you were accessible and available when we needed your help-just as he told us that you would be.  :)

Your processing team did a wonderful job pushing our file to an earlier closing time when we moved up our moving date.  You and your company really helped us by taking stress out of a stressful situation!

Thank you again for all of your help and we will be sure and recommend you when we can to our friends and family!

Wes and Tanisha Rash
Closing December 13, 2012

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

You always called us back immediately and there were no surprises! Loan Closing 12-11-12

You and your staff were speedy and on top of things
Marty, you were Fantastic to work with! 

There were many things we loved about working with you, but here are just a few:
  • You ALWAYS called us back immediately!
  • You and your staff were speedy and on top of things, 
  • you explained all the aspects of mortgages to us, programs, benefits and these were explained thoroughly-we appreciated this as first time home buyer's!
  • There were no surprises!
  • Because you are so friendly we always felt comfortable with you! 
At the closing we told you we were so grateful that Jon DeYoung recommended you to us because of our terrible experience with another mortgage company where we suffered through repeated phone calls to them that were never returned, getting passed off to another person again and again, more phone calls that never got returned and in the end, we realized that they just didn't care about working with us.

You and Jon were always there to help us with our questions and to help us through this homebuying process!

Thanks again!  We have and will refer you and Jon again and again!

Skyler and Tressie Kearl
Closing 12/11/12