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Friday, February 12, 2016

It's fast and furious when deciding to Lock or Float

Mortgage Rates at 3.5 Percent, until Noon yesterday
Mortgage rates were widely available at 3.5 percent for some of the day yesterday.  At any other time from the middle of 2013 through the end of 2015, that's not something that very many people thought they'd be able to say (or read, or think!).   

As is often the case with financial markets, the biggest, quickest moves demand an occasional pause. The bounce prompted most lenders to revise rate sheets higher in the afternoon.

Still, it's a good wake-up call as to the potentially temporary nature of the long-term lows we have been enjoying.  Markets run hard.  Sometimes they can surprise you as to how hard and how fast they change.  And then at some point, the running is over, or worse: we run in the other direction.  

There's no telling whether that's the case with yesterdays intraday bounce, but it's always a risk that can factor into one's decision-making process when it comes to locking or floating.
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