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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Western Region Dominates in Year over Year Home Value Appreciation

Q1 Home Prices Maintain Strength Over Winter for First Time in Seven Years

House Atop Money/Credit: Creatas
Clear Capital has released its Home Data Index (HDI) Market Report with data through March 2013.

"Home prices ended the first quarter of 2013 in a similar fashion to how they started the year, stable and in positive territory," said Dr. Alex Villacorta, director of research and analytics at Clear Capital.

"It has been seven years since home price growth continued throughout winter. This is very strong evidence of the start to a new leg of the recovery, one that should give further confidence to consumers and lenders alike that the recovery is real."

"As buyers become more confident the recovery is sustainable, this sentiment should grow to create a positive feedback loop."

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Monday, April 8, 2013

Strategy: Get a LOW rate FHA loan so you can let someone assume it AFTER rates go up!

Mark and Sharon Fowler of Charlotte, N.C. are simultaneously planning a home purchase and resale strategy.
Mark Fowler, chief revenue officer and vice president of production for Residential Finance Corp. in Charlotte, says he and his wife will use FHA financing to purchase their home even though they are making a down payment of more than 20 percent and could easily qualify for conventional financing.
Why? The Fowlers are using the "assumable" status of FHA mortgages as a future marketing tool to lure potential homebuyers when they decide to sell sometime down the line.