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Monday, June 27, 2011

Shocking how much good landscaping improves your home's value

A Virginia Tech study from 2009 suggested that landscaping and pristine lawns help increase property values by an average of 7.5%. A home valued at $150,000 with no landscaping could be worth up to from $8,000 to $19,000 more with a sophisticated landscape with color and large plants, the study said: "Relatively large landscape expenditures significantly increase perceived home value and will result in a higher selling price than homes with a minimal landscape."

I read this article AFTER tearing out landscaping in our back yard and my wife and I are going to get busy sooner than later and get things going (growing) again!  :)  The saddest part of taking down the trees has been that I don't hear the birds outside my window singing me awake in the morning!