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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Helpful personable guidance! Loan closing October 24, 2012

Brandon and Marty celebrating a great interest rate! 
Marty, your help when we bought our home 3 years ago was awesome and the help you have given us on this refinance was awesome as well!

When we call you we know we will get the most helpful guidance and this time was no exception!  The new FHA streamline refinance program with the special rates were perfect for us!  Thanks for the analysis, we are going to save a ton of interest!  :)

We appreciate how personable you are!  We will recommend you to our friends and family whenever we can!  Thanks, Brandon

I would also like to add how much we appreciate the time you take to keep us updated throughout the loan process. Thanks again for helping us with this refinance and getting us into this house to begin with!  We loved working with you both times. 
Thanks again,

Brandon and Crystal Malby  Closing October 24, 2012